Gay's PSA

P.O. Box 17914, Hattiesburg, MS 39404, us

Attorney, Songstress, Author, Motivational & Business Speaker


Judge Adrian Haynes, Tupelo, MS USA

I didn't get to go to church today. You really blessed me with those two songs. I don't know about tomorrow!!! I just live from day to day!!! Thank you God!!!

Klarque Garrison, Atlanta, GA USA


Finally, Last week’s most listened shows on the SRN/SRCN channels were “Gay’s PSA” hosted by Gay L Polk-Payton & “FaithWalk” with Joyce Whit! Congrats to these 2 incredible shows!!!

Tekesha Fairley, Hattiesburg MS USA

One of the BEST! Dealing with legal matters are stressful but Gay POlk-Payton White is extremely patient, understanding, honest, extremely smart and gave me peace of mind while defending my case! I cant say enough about her greatness. She is definitely worth every penny.

Tito Lanier, Laurel MS USA

March is noted as women in history month. Her unique leadership personality is someone I can call friend, who cooks the best cornbread dressing, seek advice, whether it’s legal or personal, and the rest is history... Please help me applaud this pacesetter and 21st century role model who is endowed with so many gifts that I don’t know which hat to select. She is a talented individual whom I call on to sing at the drop of a coin, and her answer is always yes.  Her willingness to serve others is huge, which is evidential through her actions...

Mable Arrington, Gulfport, MS USA

Girl u are an Awesome sign of wonders of GOD u bless my spirit inside and out and u always encourage me to keep going thru the battle when I'm at my worst and I appreciate u for the flooding JESUS living water running right out of the fountain of GOD keep it up GOD heart is smiling that u deliver thru people, USA

SRN/SRCN’s most listened shows last week were “Gay’s PSA hosted by Gay L. Polk-Payton and “A Message of Hope” hosted by Christina Lockett! So proud of the work you both do! Keep up your level of excellence! Let’s show our peeps some Luv! SRN…We Do Radio!